''I found these
Tucked between the pages of phone books and Bibles,
Beneath hospital pillows, on the bottoms of whiskey bottles,
Inside of garage sale baby shoes;
and all of the places that we seem to be closest to you.

Just a few suggestions:
Hey could I maybe lose like 20 pounds or so?
Invent a Popsicle that licks you
Could you turn my tits into a sports page,
Maybe then my husband will finally look at me again.
I know she lives in your neighborhood,
So the next time you see her, could you tell mom to call me?

Just some things that make it easier on everyone,
Because we need more proof that you exist than burning trees.
You see, anyone can start fires, it’s putting them out that’s the problem.
But you would know all about that, wouldn’t you?

Please make Kanye West stop doing dumb shit.
A sky that’s always turned to the sunset channel.
Babies that shake parents back.
Could you make this wheelchair feel like my father’s shoulders?
Invent a makeup that prevents the bruises instead of just covering them up.
You got your donuts,
and you got your fucking donut-holes,
How about giving me the whole goddamn donut at the same time?!

Please let grandmother die already.
she misses grandpa so much
and I’m getting really sick and tired of hearing about it.
You see, it’s not that we mean to be selfish, it’s just that we are.

It’s been a long time since that last miracle
And your boy, your boy, he doesn’t count
We just took advantage of him.
I mean, just imagine if you would’ve sent us a daughter.

Invent a wedding ring he can’t take off?
Give me back my brother’s last thought,
That one, that one belongs to me!

Tangle my hair one last time before the Chemo takes it away.
Please let it be negative,
Please let it be negative,
Please let it be negative.
Please let the redsocks win,
because he always uses the belt when they lose.

What do you do with all of your fanmail?
Do you actually read it?
Or do you just use the paper to clean more of the corpses from your teeth?

Hail Mary’s solve problems as well as bullets do.
Don’t let me ever grow up to be as fat and as ugly as my mother is now.
Just once, can I wake up to the sound of church bells
Instead of gunshots
Please let her be too drunk to remember my face in the morning.

If we were created in your own image,
then how can you stand the sight of yourself?
How many mirrors have you broken?
While we fire our guns in the sky
mistaking demands for prayers
Not expecting you to shoot us back.
Please shoot us back!!!

Don’t let my daughter’s new boyfriend be black.
If you can understand English, then why the fuck can’t they?
Could you make my son a retard instead of a queer,
Maybe then he wouldn’t cry so much when I beat the shit out of him.


Because I have called and ye refused.
I have stretched out my hands and yet no man regarded,
So I too will laugh at your calamity,
I will mock you when your fear cometh.
When your desolation cometh as destruction
and your destruction cometh as a whirlwinds
Then they shall call upon me, but I will not answer.
They shall call upon me, but I will not answer,


Are you listening?
Can you hear me?''

-Ken Arkind
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